Are Learning Towers Worth It?

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Are you searching for an answer to the question: Are learning towers worth it? On this page, we've collected the most accurate and complete information to ensure that you have all of the answers you need. So keep reading!

The learning tower is an item greatly recommended by the Montessori method of education, because it supports the child's instinct to do things independently. Most of the learning tower models out there are designed to allow the child to climb in and out of the tower by themselves.

You may wonder, are learning towers a good idea? They're a great spot for toddlers to safely stand when they're actually helping you cook (if you do that sort of thing with your littles!). Toddlers can climb in and out of a learning tower on their own, making it something that they can take ownership of…which they also love!

Similarly one may ask, what can i use instead of learning tower? The Kitchen Helper (by GuideCraft) is similar to The Learning Tower in that it provides a safer alternative to a chair or stool for your child in the kitchen.

Besides above, what age is a learning tower for? Learning towers are wonderful for kids around 2 years to 6 years of age. Depending on size and the child's development, many parents start using Montessori toddler towers around 18 months with more close supervision.

Likewise, are toddler towers useful? Having a toddler tower with an adjustable platform is very important. This feature extends the life of the stool and provides extra support and security to your child as they grow.

Can a 12 month old use a learning tower?

A learning tower is a wonderful consideration for little ones that are getting mobile – and the Learning Tower recommended age for starting to use these amazing toddler pieces is usually at around 12-18 months!

How long do the learning Towers last?

(Learning towers can are typically used until a child is 4-6 years old, depending on ability and size.) It is important no note, though, that learning towers, when properly cared for, can bring back as much as 60% of the purchase when they are sold used.

Is a learning tower Montessori?

A Learning Tower is a Montessori-inspired piece that (in true Montessori tradition) aims to connect the Little Big user to that which is otherwise out of sight - a whole new world!

Can a 3 year old build a tower?

At three years old, your child will become quite the little builder. He may be able to construct a tower of nine blocks or 10 blocks, and will really concentrate as one block goes on top of the other.

What are the most important ages for learning?

One of the most critical stages of development and learning is from birth to five years old. The first five years of child development are crucial to their health, wellbeing, and the overall trajectory of their lives in a variety of ways.

Why do babies like to knock over towers?

Ever wonder why babies are always knocking things over? They are learning! Playing with and knocking over blocks is a great way for kids to learn about gravity, and cause and effect. Plus, they can learn colors and patterns too!

Why do kids knock down towers?

There is a natural urge in children to knock down blocks or throw them off. While they do it for fun, they are also learning different skills unintentionally. Children love to destroy things and create a mess during their early childhood. These skills will be worthwhile for them in the future.

Why do you need a learning tower?

A Learning Tower removes the stress of worrying about whether your child will slip off a step stool or slide off a chair. The use of a Learning Tower also allows you to focus on the things that matter, the tasks at hand and creating enjoyable, lifelong memories with your toddlers.

Are kitchen Towers safe?

Essentially, a kitchen helper tower is a child-safe stool that allows children as young as 18 months to reach the kitchen counters and other hard-to-reach areas. Because kitchen helper towers promote accessibility, independence, and freedom of movement, they're a popular choice among Montessori families.

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