Is Pinwheel Phone Worth It?

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The Pinwheel phone is a great way to keep kids safe and connected. Pinwheel phones allow you to set up a Caregiver Portal where you can see everything that's going on with their phone, from who they're talking to, what apps they have, modes for when those apps are available, and even their location.

You may wonder, can pinwheel phones access the internet? The Pinwheel phone does NOT have an internet browser or social media apps. However, it does have certain communication apps for older kids, which is why they've partnered with Bark.

Similarly one may ask, does pinwheel phone have maps? The location map shows the current location of the Pinwheel device, and updates every few minutes as long as your child is connected to Wi-Fi or has cell service. You can also see the last 20 locations in the history section right below it. Two ways to add contacts to your child's phone: 1.

Besides above, is pinwheel a good company? Pinwheel is an amazing company. Our family is very happy with the phone and the tech support is incredible. I am a structured person so I definitely like the Days, Modes, and Routines. I especially like the apps that are tools for learning and growth and without addictive social media or inappropriate websites.

Likewise, can you listen to music on pinwheel phone? This one has a HIGHLY curated list of apps you can approve, and set different modes throughout the day to open up different types of apps like music at night or reading during school. You HAVE to check this one out if you are in the market. Great first phone for your child! I reccomend Pinwheel wholeheartedly!

What carrier does Pinwheel use?

US Mobile - Check coverage. AT&T - Check coverage (Only works with Slim 5 and Pinwheel Plus) Tello - Check coverage.

Does Pinwheel have Spotify?

Pinwheel's curated App Library offers more than 500 apps, including popular ones like Google, Spotify and DuoLingo.

Does pinwheel phone have email?

No! Pinwheel uses usernames and passwords for our devices so that kids won't need emails to use Pinwheel.

Do I need bark with pinwheel?

Because Pinwheel is a different type of Android device (it already prevents many apps from being accessed on the device), it doesn't need to use Bark's screen time & filtering capabilities.

Is pinwheel compatible with Verizon?

“How do I set up my Verizon plan with Pinwheel?" Setting up a Verizon plan with Pinwheel is a piece of cake. You can go into your local Verizon store and have a representative grab you a SIM card and set you up a new line on your plan and it would just be included on your Verizon bill.

Does Pinwheel work with AT&T?

The Pinwheel Caregiver Portal allows parents to adjust apps and functionality based on their parenting style, family values, as well as their child's development and schedules. Their phones also work with major mobile carriers—Verizon, T Mobile, AT&T, Mint Mobile, and more!

When did Pinwheel phone come out?

Pinwheel launched in October 2020 with its Pinwheel OS for smartphones. The platform has continued to evolve, and is available exclusively through the Pinwheel website. Currently, Pinwheel offers three phone options ranging from $199 to $329.

When should kids have a smartphone?

Pressure on parents

By 14, it's 91 percent. Max Stossel, the founder and CEO of Social Awakening, a group that promotes healthy use of technology and social media, recommends that parents hold the line on giving kids smartphones until at least eighth grade.

Can you text on Pinwheel?

What apps and features, all curated by Pinwheel, are available during the day – 7 days a week, via their onboard scheduling software. A parent-controlled “safelist” only calls and texts, which also allows the ability to dial 9-1-1 at any time.

What apps come with Pinwheel?

So what's included in the Pinwheel smartphone? It includes a camera, voice, text, video chat (via Google Duo), calculator, clock, chore reminders and checklists. You can add curated apps such as Spotify Kids, Calm, Duolingo and hundreds of other non-addicting, non-advertising-based educational games.

Who invented Pinwheel phone?

Dane WitbeckPinwheel's CEO, Dane Witbeck, created the Pinwheel operating system to solve the kid-phone problem. The device was designed specifically for kids, with a focus on improving their wellness.

How do I connect my pinwheel phone to my WiFi?

Here's the gist:

  • Swipe down from the top.
  • Tap and HOLD the WiFi icon.
  • Find your WiFi and then press it.
  • Type in your password then press "Connect"
  • Allow it a moment.
  • Done!
  • Can you add apps to pinwheel phone?

    On a Pinwheel

    You choose which apps your child can download, allowing you add apps they need for school, non-addictive games and more as they grow in their tech habits.

    What kind of phone is a pinwheel phone?

    What are Pinwheel phones? They are a new way to look at cell phones for kids. It's a phone with its own system with apps endorsed by therapists, access and controls approved by parents, and kids really do love them. The point is to think of kids in every aspect of the design process.

    How does pinwheel work?

    Most pinwheels have the blades arranged so that when wind blows straight at them, they spin counterclockwise. This is because the blades' "cups" are made so that the oncoming air is captured and pushes the blades in this direction.

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